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Letting Faith Be Your Guide

Excerpt from the book, “Driven by Faith”

…I had spent years searching…yet, throughout my bewilderment, there was a paradoxical serenity. In the midst of the unknown, I had unknowingly moved step by step to my destiny, and all of this was done without wealth, advanced degrees, or even a plan. I had accomplished the unthinkable, and as [people] pondered this contradiction and searched for the secret of my success, they discovered one prevailing thread – a woman who prayed every day for guidance. And each day God provided direction. Sometimes it was a voice, a dream, or scripture and sometimes it was simply an emotion. But it was always God.

Listen to the short interview of co-authors, Earnestine and her son, Todd as they discuss finding purpose:

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Stepping Out On Faith


Earnestine Rodgers Robinson along with her son, Todd Robinson were guests on the “Marybeth Conley Show” which aired locally (Memphis) on KWAM-990. They were being interviewed as the co-authors of “Driven by Faith” and to share their inspiring story of having faith.

Listen to the interview below: